Sunday, August 15, 2010

"Pigeon" 18x18 oil on canvas

I haven't had much time to paint and consequently no postings. Today I am working on my re-stretching project. Two of my figurative pieces from last years class with Sharon Sprung seemed to lend themselves to "cropping" when I photographed them. So, here is the 2nd one, being re-stretched from 18x24 to 18x18. This model, whose name was Pigeon (my apologies if I'm spelling it wrong) was so incredibly beautiful. And a sweet personality to match. So I think she will make it to a wall somewhere. The other one is on a previous post on the blog.

Oh, worth noting: my museum visits have been incredibly inspiring. Especially this week when I re-visited the Matisse exhibit at MOMA and then drove up to Williamstown, MA to the Clark to see the Degas/Picasso show. There were a few pieces of both Degas and Picasso that I had never seen. "Woman Ironing" by each artist were so moving, so expressive, so absolutely wonderful that I kept returning over and over. The Picasso one is angular and textured and very, very sad. The Degas is luminous and beautiful. Nothing beats seeing them in person. Reproductions just can't capture the colors, textures and vibrancy of oils. I was so inspired! Can't wait to get back to figure painting in September!

For now, the busy-ness of August continues. . .


  1. Beautiful painting and you have really captured her sweet spirit. Thanks for the heads up on the Clark exhibit. I will have to see if it is still going when I return from the Cape. Remember to get in touch with me when you return to VT so we can paint together.

  2. I've seen the Degas painting in an art book. I'm sure it is very beautiful; you can see so much more when viewing the actual work.
    I like the wonderful form you've achieved in the body of Pigeon, nice gesture, too.

  3. Very nice figure painting. Looks great as a square format.

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