Saturday, August 18, 2012

"Fields of Gold" 12x24 oil on panel

A perfect VT summer day.  I may do a few more touches, shadows on the barn.  But this has been sitting in my studio un-posted for too long.  

Saturday, August 4, 2012

"Wobbly First Steps" 12x12 oil on panel

An exercise in getting more paint on the panel.  It seems easier when I use panel vs. canvas.  I'm trying to really load it on, and also be a little freer and looser.  This was a good subject to be free and loose.  Another title or caption I thought of "I'm all ears, Mom!"  Such a cute little guy.  Shelburne Farms herd of sheep early summer.

"A Wake at Sunset" 12x24 oil on canvas

A couple of days ago I decided to work on this one little more.  More paint, more paint.  And I think I made it better.  It's been a struggle this summer to find time to paint.  So busy, such a wonderful summer in VT.  But I need to paint more.  So, this was a start.