Monday, January 17, 2011

"Clif" 12x12 oil on canvas

I have been working on another large painting in my class and am making good progress, however, got to class today and once again the model didn't show. Initially I was really bummed. I wanted to work on the one I had planned on working on. Boo!

Clif, one of our monitors, offered to sit for us. What a great time I had! A very fun, loose little daily painting. Surprises are always the best! As often happens when I photograph at the Academy, the picture doesn't do it justice. But I wanted to share it anyway.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Rios in Bandanna" 16x20 oil on panel

I'm working on a large painting (24x36) in my class, but the model was out sick on Friday so there was an opportunity to do a "daily painting" from life/the other model in the room. Unfortunately this is a really bad photo, but it was fun to just paint quickly, loosely, on panel with no pressure or expectations. I think that's the magic of daily paintings. This one is a little bigger than usual, but 16x20 was the only panel I had in my locker. It was a fun day. Sorry the picture is so bad...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Rios, Boxer" 30x30 oil on canvas

Here is the painting I did in Sharon's class in December. Unfortunately, holidays intervened and I was unable to post until today. I have sorely neglected my blog and totally understand if no one is checking in. I do plan to post as often as possible, and in fact will have some drawings from my drawing class in the next few days. I'm learning so much in my classes. Really enjoying working larger. This one is 30x30, and I'm currently working on one that is 24x36. The work in the classes is very different than the daily painting I was doing when I created the blog, and doesn't lend itself to frequent postings. So, please bear with me. Daily painting will return in the summer, I hope. For now, I will post when these larger paintings are completed, and look forward to comments and input.