Sunday, August 8, 2010

"4th of July - Nature's Fireworks" 9x12 oil on panel

Such a gorgeous weekend, I wanted to paint a little of nature's splendor. Found a photo from 4th of July weekend at a friend's house on Shelburne Bay. Fun and fast little painting.

I hope to keep up with some daily paintings as the Summer winds down, but August seems to always be a busy month with guests, family, and friends trying to make the most of the season. We also have a construction project begging for my attention, along with several trips to NY. I can't believe this summer is almost over. It has been such a good experience to do these little daily paintings and post them on the blog. But August calls, and then September brings a return to NY and classes at the National Academy. So, this is a preamble to say I just don't know how consistent I will be with my posts to the blog over the next couple of months. And I'm even more unsure of how it will all work when I am back in figure painting classes.

But I will continue to post what I am working on, and I will continue to follow all my blog friends who are able to do their daily paintings. I hope we can all keep in touch one way or another. Thanks for visiting! And please be in touch! I love hearing from you either by comments, email, or facebook.


  1. This is beautiful Tonya -- a nice little sunset for the end of the summer? Oh wait -- it can't be over yet!!!
    Like you - I get crushed the last few weeks of August -- but I will try and slip away to paint! It's such a good way to mentally recharge!