Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Shadows & Reflections" 5x7 oil on panel

Another in the beach series, my husband on a cool day at Jones Beach, a favorite place for an afternoon escape from the city especially "off season". I didn't expect to get a new painting today as it is so terribly hot here in VT. But the studio was surprisingly cool in the morning, and bearable in the afternoon when it was time to finish it. (My sweet husband came in to visit and promptly went in search of a window air conditioner. He's my biggest fan and supporter! So this one, for so many reasons, is dedicated to him.)


  1. Tonya,
    Nice painting and nicer husband. Love the reflection.
    Yes, cooking for eight (breakfast, lunch and dinner) makes for a relaxing vacation.

  2. what a fabulous place to be in this hot-hot weather! I love the subtle colors and the waves are convincing. Good job! Check out my blog at christine-paintingstory.blogspot.com
    also, looking forward to painting with you.

  3. Thanks so much you guys. It means a lot to get comments!