Friday, July 9, 2010

"Going Home Alone" 6x6 oil on panel

This is the first painting I have "sold". Well, he wanted to buy it, but I gave it to him. It was my former boss, a serious art collector. He saw it on Facebook where I posted a few pics before starting the blog. I just couldn't bring myself to put a price on something so little, quick and easy. Is that silly? Anyway, it's the first painting that has gone to someone other than family. (Yes, I'm that new at it, and that insecure.) Feels kind of good. Shipped it out yesterday. Thank you, Michael!


  1. Hi Tonya,
    Thanks for your blog visit! Your art, I like--it has a very distinctive voice. Somewhat lonely feeling (in a good way). This one is my favorite.
    It must be nice studying w/Sharon S.!
    Any pics of your Rumi look-alike here on the blog?

  2. don't be afraid to put monetary value to your is you work and it has value at many levels...congrats on making a "sale"