Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Honeycrisp" 6x6 oil on canvas

Apple season. My favorite -- Honeycrisp, fresh from the orchard. But that's not why I painted this. Sharon gave me an assignment, "paint fruit". Yes, class at the Academy is back in session. I spent one week, painted a portrait of a beautiful model, Leslie. And promptly forgot to photograph it. (It wasn't as beautiful as the model, unfortunately.)

Now, I'm back in VT for the month of October. Can't pull myself away from Fall in VT. Hence, my assignment. . . but, so appropriate. Apple season. One of those signs of Fall in VT.

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  1. good enough to bite into!....went apple picking with my granddaughter...makes you love may want to try Nancy Colella's challenge at
    this would be a good subject for that
    I think I will do that too