Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Private Moment (Amanda)" 18x36 oil on panel

A cropped version of the same photo previously posted. This will be exhibited at the Academy in Sharon's Class show beginning April 2 and hanging for 2 weeks.

Friday, March 23, 2012

"Private Moment (Amanda)" 18x36 oil on panel

Still on the easel at the Academy, my most recent painting finished in class yesterday. It will go in the class show which will be hung on April 2 and run for two weeks. So, I probably won't have a chance to photograph it until after the show. I was surprised and pleased at how well the composition turned out in this painting since I was one of the last in the class to "pick my spot" and that usually means a disadvantage in the view of the pose. But this was kind of nice, peeking past the backdrop/curtain at this lovely young woman. Amanda is an amazing model and a pleasure to paint. I learned a lot with this painting, too. (Thanks to Sharon, as always!)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Dressing" (Rachel) 24x24 oil on canvas

A new figurative painting from class, and another that the photo does some weird stuff. I need help! The colors seem to shift inconsistently and things show up that are not even in the painting. Also, so much detail is lost. It looks murky. And I don't have this problem when shooting anything except my paintings. :-( But photography aside, this is a fairly successful painting from life. A beautiful model and an interesting pose. That fabric is tough! I referred to the master, Sorolla, whose fabric is incredible. Mine needs work, but all in all, a pretty good effort, I think. I only wish my blog followers could see it in person.